September, 21 2017
The Perfume Stylist
Whether you are a fashion guru who is in touch with all of the latest and greatest fads or you are more comfortable with sticking to the basics, chances are that you have a unique style that is all your own. This style likely effects how you are perceived by everyone around you. Your bold stilettos, for instance, may offer a glimpse into your fierce personality while your modest flats may reflect your more reserved nature. The same is true of your fragrance. While there are a myriad of elegant fragrances on the market, there are two distinctive types of elegance when it comes to perfumes: timeless and trendy.


Timelessly elegant perfumes are the epitome of classic, feminine glamour and style. They never fade out of style and it is simply impossible to make a fashion faux-pas by wearing one of these time-honored scents. Regardless of the occasion, they conjure up images reminiscent of Hollywood's Golden Era in which actresses such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Bette Davis set the standard for grace and sophistication. Classic perfumes tell the world that you are confident and poised. They often include hints of floral and other natural notes that can be worn day or night without reservation. Many women find that their signature scent is a classic.


Trendy perfumes certainly have their place in the world of beauty, but the statement that they make is entirely different from that of the timeless fragrances. Adorning a trendy scent presents a more daring and contemporary side of your personality. Many trendy perfumes reach their height of popularity and then slowly fade away. This means that they may be cutting-edge on the fashion scene one day and then old news the next. They may be inspired by current celebrities or contain a strong presence of scents that coincide with other fashion fads. While they are an excellent way to spice up your beauty regime for special occasions, they are generally not worn as signature scents at the risk of the scent going out of style.

Scent plays a powerful role in first and lasting impressions so it is wise to carefully consider the aura your perfume is projecting to the world around you before spritzing it on.

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September, 21 2017
How to Perfume Effectively for a Sizzling Summer
The summer months can be tough on perfumes, especially with the hot weather playing havoc with the way fragrances work. There’s also the rather unpleasant issue of perspiration to think about, which never mixes well with perfume. The truth is that perfume is more important than ever during the summer, but it has to work exceptionally hard to be effective.
However, don’t stress out about your favorite fragrances this summer. Here are a few tips that can keep you smelling sweet and fresh when the mercury rises.


Too many people use perfume just before heading out, but this can be a mistake during spells of hot weather. Perfume can evaporate quickly in high temperatures, which means you won’t smell as good as you could. Instead, use your perfume roughly 15 minutes before leaving home. This will give the alcohol time to evaporate — leaving just the sweet, intoxicating smell of your favorite fragrance behind.


You know that clothes can start to smell during long periods spent in hot sunshine. A constant cycle of sweating and drying out can leave clothes smelling musty, and this outcome has the potential to overpower the perfume you spent so much money on. Give your clothes a quick spray with perfume before you leave home, which should help to mask any unwanted odors throughout the day.


Many of us sweat profusely from our heads during periods of hot weather, which can cause unwanted, lingering odors in your hair. This is can be a significant problem if you’re constantly going in and out of air conditioned buildings — all it does is create a situation where your hair is continually wet with sweat before drying out quickly. To maintain the overall effectiveness of your perfume, spray a little on your hair before leaving home. Just make sure you cover your eyes before you start spraying.


Lighter scents tend to be more effective in hot weather; they also tend to last longer. The heat and humidity outside can change the way a perfume smells as the day progresses. With lighter, floral scents, the effects of this breakdown aren’t as noticeable as they are with bolder scents. The more the composition of a perfume breaks down, the more its fragrance will change. Stick to floral and citrus perfumes during the summer, and you should smell better for longer.


To continue smelling your very best throughout a hot summer’s day, you should ensure your perfume is distributed evenly across your body. You’ll be perspiring all over your body in such intense heat, which can lead to odors that might overpower your favorite scents. It’s not enough to simply spray your wrists and neck — hot and humid calls for an all-over perfume.
Simply spray your perfume just above head height two or three times, and slowly walk through the descending particles. If you want to get a little cute, you can pirouette as you move forward — ensuring your perfume reaches every area of your body.

Your favorite fragrances have to work harder than ever during periods of hot weather. However, you don’t need to be wasteful to stay your usual sweet-smelling self. Just follow Audrey's sizzling summer perfume tips to beat the heat.
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December, 21 2017
5 Tips to make the most out of your Scented Candle

First of all, think about the kind of scent you would like for your home or office and the effect you want it to have on your environment. If you want to feel refreshed and energized, then opt for a citrus scent like orange blossom or neroli. If, on the other hand, you want to create a serene atmosphere, then go for scents like lavender or chamomile.


Choose scented candles with cotton wicks, because they allow better diffusion of the scent. Also, consider the type of candle wax you would prefer. The two main types are vegetable wax and mineral wax. Vegetable wax is a tiny bit more ecological than mineral wax, but the longevity of the scent is usually compromised. Mineral wax is the better option if you want the scent to diffuse optimally.


Place your candle on a strong, heat-resistant surface, away from curtains and fabrics. If you have more than one candle in the same room, be sure to space them at least 8 cm (3 inches) apart so they don't melt each other.


When you use a candle for the first time, it should be lit for around three hours if possible, as this will ensure that the perfume is integrated into the wax. Thereafter, light your candle for 30 minutes to 3 hours maximum.


After using your candle, trim the wick so that it is 0.5 cm (1/8th of an inch). This will ensure that it burns evenly when it is lit again. Also, remove any soot that has gathered at the sides of the candle holder, as this will prevent the soot from hindering the scent when the candle is reused.

Scented candles are one of the best ways to perfume a room and make a space more pleasant. These simple tips can help you make the most out of your scented candle.


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September, 21 2017
The Perfect Scent for a Bride
Women around the globe spend years anxiously awaiting, daydreaming and inevitably planning for their wedding day. This highly anticipated ceremony is much more than a public celebration of your unconditional love and unwavering commitment; it is your fantasy becoming a reality. This whimsical day will forever be coveted in your mind as the day you began your very own version of living happily ever after. You recognize the monumental importance of the day and tediously agonize over every small detail; the look of the venue, the sound of the band, the taste of the food and the feel of your dress.

With all of the chaos associated with wedding planning, it is easy to overlook your sense of smell. The sense of smell, however, is a powerful one that is capable of conjuring up memories and powerful emotional responses. The scent that you choose to wear as you enter into matrimony will undeniably evoke memories for a lifetime, but choosing a worthy essence is no small feat. Your scent should be evanescent but intriguing and complementary to your personality.

In many parts of the world, such as the Middle East, brides opt for a more sensual lingerie perfume in lieu of traditional body perfumes. Because the fragrance is not applied directly to the skin, lingerie perfumes are ideal for brides with allergies or for those who want a more subtle fragrance. Many women also find that the use of lingerie perfumes is a great way to boost their confidence while also spicing up the age old game of seduction with their partner.

Whether you are a classic romantic, energetic and self-confident or outright glamorous, Ideo Parfumeurs Lingerie Perfumes proposes three unforgettable scents for brides:


Rose de Grasse by Ideo Parfumeurs is a classic, romantic scent. It is sensual and alluring with subtle hints of earthiness hidden amidst the powerful notes of rose. The light and airy nature of this perfume projects a timeless elegance. Suitable for every bride, Rose de Grasse will likely capture the hearts of hopeless romantics.


Gibson Girls is another intriguing scent from the Ideo Parfumeurs Lingerie Perfume line. Gibson Girls is inspired by extraordinarily bold and brilliant women. The scent is energetic and forges a vision of a glamorous yet mysteriously chic bride.


La Fleur Du Mexique by Ideo Parfumeurs is a dangerously stimulating aroma that conveys an air of classic Hollywood-era glamour. Brides who aim for glitz and glamor on their wedding day will revel in the subtle yet tantalizingly exotic floral notes of La Fleur Du Mexique.

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September, 21 2017
Which white blouse will go with your perfume ?
A simple white blouse is a must-have piece for any summer wardrobe. With all of the styles out there, you can dress them up for a night out or go extremely casual for beach wear. The style you choose can, and should, also complement your fragrance choice. The last thing you want to do is put on a strong musk when you're going to spend the day in close quarters or outside. Instead, you want to make sure your entire outfit of the day matches, from your clothes to your scent. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.


For that effortless, upscale look that works pretty much everywhere but the office or on a red carpet, you can always put comfort first. Simple cotton fabrics in unfussy styles work well with a fresh and light cologne. Try a Wilfred Huang Blouse if you want a bit of convertible style. These tie-on tops let you adjust the fit and look. H&M has a ton of cotton tops to choose from that range from a standard T-shirt to off-the-shoulder blousy looks. The J. Crew Tie-Shoulder eyelet top brings a bit of the bohemian to your casual chic look.


Lace, flowers and embroidery all bring to mind bygone eras and epic romance. For a truly romantic look, pair your white blouse with a mix of floral-powdery scents that have a delicate note. The Chloe Ruffled Cotton and Silk-Blend Blouse looks almost renaissance and very feminine. With the Flow the Label Batiste Ruffled Blouse, you get a bit more structure, so it is a combination of old and new. The Rebecca Taylor Nouveau Eyelet Top is another romantic option. Featuring modern T-shirt lines combined with a high Victorian-esque color and a hint of lace, it hits a lot of high notes in the romantic category.


Bohemian styles range from ethnic designs to top-quality fabrics and a wardrobe that puts comfort at the top of the list. Pair scents that are woody with resin notes, like sandalwood, opopanax or encens, with a touch of white musk to play up your bohemian background. Then, top your look with the Caroline Constas Jolie Puff Sleeve Top, Apiece Apart Medina White Tie Neck Top or even a men's white dress shirt. All of them combine a flowing silhouette with comfortable lines.


A hint of spice with a glamorous Oriental accent is the perfect combination to create a look that draws attention. Pair it with warm food smells like vanilla or rich scents like amber to really stand out. Then, pull on your tied-up button-down shirt or any silk blouse. Add a pink bow to the neckline, and you add some visual interest. The Elizabeth and James Linden halter tank leaves a lot of skin on display while still keeping your look elegant and sophisticated. The Zara halter top with eyelet details lets you dress up the most office-friendly bottoms for any after-work activity.

For a complete head-to-toe style, you should start by pairing your clothes with your accessories, including the perfume. Your top really sets the tone for the rest of your outfit, and a white blouse is a wardrobe staple. Make sure you have enough white to last through the summer, all the way to Labor Day.
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October, 21 2017
Sparkling Citrus
Perfumes have been around for thousands of years and will always be considered a necessity by many because a pleasant scent speaks volumes. Citrus perfumes in particular are fresh and light and make a statement without appearing ostentatious.

The History of Perfume

It all started with the ancient Egyptians. They used fragrances for religious ceremonies, burial preparations and to make themselves smell nice. In fact, the wealthy elite would embellish themselves with pleasant aromas to denote their status.

Perfumes became increasingly popular and were adopted by other nations like the Greeks and Romans throughout the centuries, but in 1190, it all changed. The Parisians embraced the perfume culture and began to produce it commercially. From there it blossomed into the large industry we know today.

Citrus Scents for a Collected Mind

Citrus fragrances are renowned for their fresh pleasant aromas and their energizing properties. Some studies have shown that smelling lemons and oranges can lower your stress levels and make you feel less anxious.

One study involved giving stressed lab rats a chemical called linalool, which is a component of lemons. The researchers then measured the stress-elevated levels of lymphocytes and neutrophils which are key parts of the immune system. The results were impressive. The levels had almost returned to normal and the linalool had also reduced the activity of more than a hundred genes that are associated with stress.

Another study looked at how oranges might be effective in lowering anxiety levels. Researchers at the University of Vienna's Neurological Clinic used an orange scent in a dentist's waiting room to see if patients would feel calmer. They did. The research showed that the patients who smelled the orange scent felt less anxious and more positive overall.

A Sunny Disposition

A citrus scent will help you to feel calm, alert and optimistic. There is a variety of amazing citrusy perfumes to choose from, such as Ideo Parfumeurs' Tarbouch Afandi and London to Mumbai, Hermes' Eau d' Orange Verte or Guerlin's Eau Imperiale. These fragrances will give you that effortless, chic style while evoking an image of youth and vitality because light perfumes with an elegant twist naturally make the wearer feel more confident as their senses are engaged.

Our sense of smell is the strongest of the senses, so it would appear that you're more likely to remembered for how you smell than how you look. With that in mind, it won't matter too much if you wear the wrong attire because if you want to give a good impression, wear a light, uplifting citrus fragrance. Ideo Parfumeurs have produced scents that encapsulate elegance in a bottle.

A Happy Home

A citrusy scent can also be found in a selection of home perfumes, so you can add some zest to your environment.

Home is the place where we live and spend time with our friends and family. We like our home to look nice and represent who we are. Personal accessories like scented candles, soaps and linen perfumes can make a home complete. The positive scents and memories go hand in hand because our sense of smell is the most powerful sense.

A scented candle like Souvenirs d'une Princesse can add a touch of citrus floral magic to your abode. Its orange blossom and neroli scent will produce a calm, inviting atmosphere where you can enjoy entertaining, eating and relaxing. The citrus smell will infuse your home with positive energy.

If one thing is clear, it's that fragrances are powerful. They can lift your mood and help you to be the person you want to be.

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January, 01 2018
How To Match Your Lipstick With Your Perfume

Two of the most sensual things about a woman is her lips and her aura. Combine a luscious lipstick with a fabulous fragrance and you'll have the seductive prowess that will leave men feeling weak at the knees. So if you're looking to leave a lasting impression, it's important to consider what lipstick goes with your perfume of choice. Learn about the art of selecting two products that will leave you looking and feeling sensational.


We kiss with them, we sip with them, we angle them with finesse to create coy little smiles -- they're one of the sexiest parts of the body. In fact, when they are coated with lipstick, men are more likely to be drawn to them for longer. A study at Manchester University in the UK showed that men will look at a woman's lips for around seven seconds when she has applied a lip stain.


Our sense of smell is the strongest of all the senses. A pleasant aroma can take us back to a moment in time where we can relive the joyful experience associated with the scent. There's no denying that fresh floral or fruity citrus fragrances can make you relive those long, free summer nights.

A woman who wears a fragrance well will attract attention because she will exude elegance and she may even look more attractive. Research conducted by the Monell Chemical Senses Center revealed that women's faces are rated more attractive in the presence of a pleasing smell. This means that wearing a niche perfume with the right lipstick will give you that irresistible edge.


Kate is a business woman who has it all: beauty, intelligence and an elegant lifestyle. She exuberates confidence and is very much in control of her life. Always taking pride in her appearance, she carefully outlines her full lips with liner before applying a hydrating lipstick to keep her lips smooth and noticeable for hours. Just before she leaves her house, she sprays herself with one of her niche perfumes to complete her style. Kate is now ready to be the powerful, captivating woman she is.


Consider the following tips when matching your lipstick and perfume:

  • If you want beautifully hydrated lips, opt for a floral romantic perfume to create a warm spring ambiance. Fragrances like Ideo Perfumers Last Canto and Weekend a Fontainebleau will complement fresh, plump lips.
  • If you prefer a lipstick that is both matte and hydrating and lasts a long time, then you are definitely an oriental fragrance woman. Yves Saint Laurent's Opium and Guerlain's Shalimar are known to stimulate the senses and leave a lasting impression.
  • If you wear a long-lasting lipstick that goes on effortlessly then you are a fresh, fruity citrus kind of lady. A dash of Chanel No. 5 Parfum or Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino will awaken the senses and leave you smelling summer fresh.
  • If your statement color is a highly pigmented formula that hugs your lip, then a woody fragrance will complete your style. A spritz of Marc Jacobs Decadence Rouge Noir Edition or Dior's Miss Dior will add to your sex appeal.

New perfumes offer excitement and your best niche perfumes are your signature scents that add to your appeal. A fragrance that complements your choice of lip color will double the impact and the pleasure.




Kosås - Stardust + Thrillest
Rituel de Filles - Forbidden Lipstick Against Nature Color
Guerlain - KissKiss Shaping Cream Lip Colour
Lancôme - Rouge In Love Lipstick


Sugarpill - Trinket Liquid Lip Color
Beauty Bakeries - She's Just Jelly Lip Whip
Besame- American Beauty
Maybelline - New York Color Sensational Vivids


Charlotte Tilbury - Matte Revolution Lipstick
Milk Makeup - O.G Red
M.A.C. - Lipstick / No. 10: Clinique High Impact Lip Colour
Shiseido - Perfect Rouge Lipstick
Chanel - Rouge Coco Hydrating Crème Lip Colour


Laura Mercier - Crème Smooth Lip Colour
Face Stockholm - Cream Lipstick - Lemon-lime
Origins - Flower Fusion Hydrating Lip Color
Clinique - Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick
Neutrogena - Moisture Smooth Color Stick


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October, 21 2017
How To Match Your Denim To Your Perfume
Denim is one of the most versatile fabrics out there. You wear it as a jacket, use it for accessories, and of course, everybody owns at least a few pairs of jeans. How you wear those jeans and the perfume or cologne you use as an accent can totally change your look. Here's a quick style guide with some great denim and perfume pairings.


Every closet has at least one pair of jeans, but there are tons of options when selecting denim. From distressed to cleanly pressed and straight leg to bootcut, there's a jean out there for anyone. Relaxed fit jeans and jeggings even offer a more comfortable fit for those who don't enjoy the stiff feel of new denim. When pairing your clothes up with a perfume, it's important to consider overall style.


Flower lovers can pair up a nice floral scent with the iconic look of a white t-shirt on top of classic Levi's. Tuck the shirt in and add a belt to dress this extremely casual style up a bit, or go for a more grungy and active look with an untucked shirt and casual kicks. Either way, the floral scents from your perfume will brighten up the look.


If you like the great outdoors and enjoy woody notes with some opopanax to cut through, distressed or well-worn denim is a must. Not only is it more comfortable, it goes well with a scent that brings the outdoors inside. When you pair up this type of denim with woody scents, you get a combo that lets you feel comfortable in virtually any setting.


If exotic and spicy describe you, a tight-fitting jean is a must to go with your oriental and food-based scents. For the foodies out there who enjoy trying new things and an international palate, this pairing is a great choice. Skinny jeans give you a lean silhouette to help balance the richness of the notes in an oriental perfume.


Sunny citrus scents go great with high-fashion denim choices like low-rise or peek-a-boo jeans. Citrus is a clean and fresh smell that doesn't overpower, much the way a comfortable low-rise jean makes a quiet statement. Plus, peek-a-boo denim is a great choice for warmer weather when citrus smells really come into their own. An orangey or other citrus smell can't help but remind you of summer. Heavy layers just weigh down a light and glowing scent like citrus.


Your perfume or cologne is the last accessory you add to an outfit. It needs the same consideration that you'd give to any other piece. When you wear a smoky musk with a daytime casual look, it can be a bit confusing. For a complete look from head to toe, you want a perfume that enhances your style.

Lighter scents set off denim shorts, especially when combined with fragrances like vanilla. Rich woody scents go well with a thicker denim or double denim outfit designed for real work. Florals go great with classic styles, matching some of the great casual runway looks. Oriental and musky notes go well with lean silhouettes and dressy tops. Make sure you have a scent to go with every pair of jeans, the same way you stock shoes for any occasion.


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